Analytic Debugger GUI for GDB

Majiastic Analytic Debugger GUI (MADG) is a professionally designed graphical user interface for various debuggers. This version is built for GDB, the GNU debugger. MADG provides the intuitive way to drive debugging with its graphical windows and easily clicking. MADG is one of the most powerful GUI for GDB because of its integrated command terminal where a user can input debugger commands directly. MADG is available on Linux/Windows/Mac OS X.

Majiastic Analytic Debugger GUI tries to bring the best debugging experience and is designed to handle the most complex problem and enterprise level applications. Performance is what we concern. MADG adds the minimum overhead compared with text mode debugging even with the complex GUI support. Analytic capability is what we focus. Beside using graphical elements to represent the output of a debugger, MADG has implemented many powerful features to do what a debugger cannot do. MADG tries to integrate a complete development toolchain under its graphical interface in order to redefine what a general debugger stands.