Majiastic Computer provides compiler consulting services and high performance optimization solutions for open-source compilers. Currently we are mainly serving Open64 and LLVM based compilers on x86-64 and ARM platform. Our services include:

Compiler Maintenance and Support

We provide maintenance and support services for proprietary compilers and open-source based compilers like fixing bugs, adding new features, or replying user emails etc. Open sourced compilers such as Open64, LLVM has no warranty. Our service can help your business to reduce the cost of having a full compiler team and bring better response for your users.

Compiler Component/Toolchain Development

We can develop compiler components, including frontend, optimizer, code generator, library, assembler, debugger, driver etc. Our team has strong experience to optimize a compiler for x86-64 and ARM platforms on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

Code Tuning and Optimization

We do consulting services or development on optimizing compilers or tuning code. We can help you find the bottleneck or hotspot in your code. We also provide solutions to improve the performance of your compilers.

Porting Linux code to Windows and Mac OS X

We have strong experience in porting Linux code to Windows or Mac OS X. This expertise may save your time.